After building and managing web sites for over 20 years, we have a tremendous amount of experience which encompasses almost all aspects of online marketing. What’s more, our client-centered approach inspires us to spoil our clients with our good service. Can you live with that?

Here are some of the things people have said about us:

“I came to Excellence for a web site for my business. Instead, they convinced me to set up a marketing system which cost less than half as much but has been much more effective at getting my company known by my potential clients. Thanks!”
David Litke,

“Your recent improvements to my sales page really seem to have worked. The number of sales went up substantially, even though we raised the price! Thank you for your continued guidance.”
Boruch Rappaport,

“Shimshon Young created my web site and ran my email list. The site was very professional-looking and we had tons of responses to his emails from potential clients. Good work!”
Yitzchok Rubin,

“You were right! I moved my signup entry form to the top of the page and lots more people started signing up!”
Yaakov Kirschen, author of the Israeli cartoon Dry Bones

“I did what you told me: I bought a domain name with my search term in it and a few weeks later I was #2 on Google!”
Rabbi Yosef Cornfeld, Narrative Therapy

“When you want your business to be successful, put Shimshon Young’s tested methods to work for you.”
Hank Shrier,

“Shimshon Young made one simple suggestion that helped me totally change my billing procedure. Now I collect more money with much less hassle. A big relief!”
Moshe Katz,

“Shimshon [Young] is my Internet marketing and sales mentor and he has helped me increase the income from my websites.”
Jacob Richman, Internet pioneer,

I have worked with Shimshon Young on projects for over 10 years and he is probably the closest thing that I have to a business partner. I am always impressed with the innovative ideas that he brings to the table. Some people are thinkers. Some people are doers. Shimshon is both and it shows in his results.
Ben Shaffer, Internet Marketing “Guru”,

“You always have such good perspectives and insights. Your advice has definitely helped me very much in my business efforts, both online and off.”
Gidon Ariel,

“Having known and worked with Shimshon Young for decades, I have called upon both his tactical and strategic expertise on many occasions. Without his help and advice, I would not have been able to create, maintain, and succeed with my online presence.”
Douglas Goldstein,

“This is the kind of work that sets you apart from a lot of people; you care, implemented a low-cost solution and took initiative. THANKS!”
Howard Isenstein, Max’s Investment World

“Highest recommendation – Shimshon [Young] is one of a handful of gifted programmers I have met in my career.”
Barak Moore, the IRIS blog