Out with the old, in with the new.

Search engines algorithms are now so complicated that traditional search engine optimization (SEO) has become more of an art than a science, even for SEO Experts like us. You need to be augmenting your SEO with social media marketing (SMM).

Fortunately, even as traditional SEO becomes more and more difficult social media marketing may actually be getting easier.


Are you ready for the next wave?

Social media marketing is a totally different game than SEO. In SMM you are reaching out directly to your potential customers instead of playing to the gatekeepers behind the Google search algorithm.

The good news is that marketing to people instead of an algorithm is a LOT more fun, and the skills you gain are much closer to what you will need to close business with your customers.


We’re there.

We’re there, on the front lines learning how to take advantage of the new trends to bring thousands of visitors to our own sites. So we can tell you how to bring traffic to yours.

Along the way, we will show you how to be a celebrity in your own niche while doing what you like the most. Your competitors will be jealous that you are the center of attention and your potential customers will be much happier about buying from the person they already “know” from the social media.

And you will be thinking “I can’t believe it is this easy — and this much fun!”


More than just traffic.

SMM is more than just getting traffic because traffic from the social media sites tends to come in spikes and then disappear. Do you have the systems in place to catch that traffic and turn it into sales leads? We’ll show you how to take long-term advantage of the traffic spikes.

Most importantly, we will be taking a holistic approach that generates great branding, traffic, sales leads and customers ready to buy — all at once. When all the pieces are working together the system is much more powerful. And much more fun!


Talk to us.

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