Excellence started out in 1995 when a husband and wife each began building their own information sites on the brand-new World Wide Web. From home, of course.

Shortly thereafter that grew into a small web consulting business. Over the years the business has grown to include over 100 web sites created and/or managed and dozens of clients in 4 countries.

One of our main focuses is on teaching Hebrew via Web sites, email lists, social media assets and our own online courses.

And yes, we still run those 2 information sites that started it all.


What Sets Us Apart

  • We own our own sites — we practice what we preach. In fact we learn what to preach from what we learn doing the hard work on our own online assets.
  • Tech-savvy plus marketing and sales smarts — we are very good at both the technical and business sides of our own online assets. We play the game to win and we would be happy to do the same for you.

Whatever the level of your online marketing, we would love to discuss with you how to make it more successful. Click here to contact us.