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Web Site Consultation and Review

Look, we have been at this for a long time and we know what we are doing. Our experts can spot your problems immediately both online and off. Meet with us so we can tell you how to improve your online business and make more money. Here are the details:

Excellence provides consulations services to clients on how to properly create and run their web site before it is built or improve an existing site. Excellence uses its 10+ years of experience in creating web sites, generating traffic and making money online to help the client fix mistakes, avoid common pitfalls and maximize profits for the long term.

The Consultation consists of the following:

1) A one-hour meeting between representatives of client and Shimshon Young. The client will provide all login information for web site and email stats, advertising programs and whatever other access information that would be required. The client will also provide a detailed explanation of its business and organization plus its needs and goals.

2) 3-7 days of research by Excellence into the client.s web site, its competitors, its email list(s), on and off-site search engine optimization, ad campaigns, sales conversions, etc.

3) Excellence will prepare a written report of the status of the existing site (if there is one) along with a plan of action for the next 1-2 years. This report and plan will explain what is being done properly, what needs to be fixed, and the medium-term strategy for going forward with a timeline.

4) A second one-hour meeting between representatives of the client and Shimshon Young. The written report and plan will be explained in detail. The report will be the property of the client who will use it however they see fit.

Items analyzed in the report/plan as necessary/appropriate:

  1. Current traffic levels and sources of traffic
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- on-site and off-site
  3. Site look and feel.
  4. Proper use of USP on home and subpages
  5. Site Navigation
  6. Major Subpages
  7. Bugs, errors
  8. Sales flow
  9. Upsells
  10. Back-end (repeat) sales
  11. Email acquisition and followup
  12. On-site Advertising such as Google AdSense
  13. Off-site advertising such as Google AdWords
  14. Site content and organization
  15. Rankings/back links at Google, Alexa, Yahoo
  16. Product / service expansion
  17. Traffic building techniques
  18. Long-term business system(s)
Investment: $1000

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