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Web 2.0 Optimization (w2o)

Out with the old, in with the new: traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming impossible.

We are are SEO experts, having brought millions of visitors to our sites from search engines over the years. But the search engines algorithms are now so complicated that traditional SEO has become more of an art than a science -- you do your best and hope for the rest. And new changes at Google promise to put yet another nail in SEO's coffin: Google's new Personalized Search will give different search results for different users.

Are you ready for the next wave?

The next wave is here -- Web 2.0. Social networks such as MySpace, user-generated content such as Wikipedia, user-selected news sites such as Digg, blogging and much more.

We're there.

We're there, on the front lines learning to take advantage of the new trends to bring thousands of visitors to our own sites so we can tell you how to bring traffic to yours.

More than just traffic.

But w2o is more than just getting traffic; traffic from Web 2.0 sites tends to come in spikes and then disappear. Do you have the systems in place to catch that traffic and get it to come back to your site, or will you get a few more clicks on your ads or a few sales and then wonder when the next surge will come? We'll show you how to take long-term advantage of the traffic spikes.

Talk to us.

Click here to contact us. We look forward to teaching you what we know.

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